FindMyFrenchie - Your French Bulldog Connection!

How much are my services?

I have contacts with several breeders and I do not charge a flat fee or percentage.  I simply purchase the puppies from the breeders and sell them to you.  The finders fee is already included in the asking price of each puppy.  Some of the puppies will be in my home.  If this is the case, I will note this with their information.  If you do not live in Oregon, I can ship the puppy to you at no additional cost.  Instead of the puppy being shipped to me, I will have the breeder ship him/her directly to you.  FindMyFrenchie takes the work out of your search.  You can be assured that I have chosen Frenchies from the most respected breeders located throughout the United States.  I do not support puppy mills.