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About the French Bulldog Breed

The French Bulldog

Breed group: Non-sporting
28 lbs
11-13 inches


There is a great deal of speculation about the origin of the French Bulldog, and the most common believe is that they originated from the miniature bulldog that was brought to France by workers from Nottingham at the time of the industrial revolution. During the 1860s, the export of miniature bulldogs became so popular, that they almost died out in England. Many believe that they were then crossed with the Terrier Boule, which resulted in the French Bulldog. During 1896, the French Bulldog made its first appearance in the United States at the Westminster Kennel Club show in New York.


The French Bulldog is an enjoyable and easygoing companion dog. They love to play and are also very affectionate. This is a sweet natured breed that is very amusing. They have amusing personalities and like to joke around. The French Bulldog is inquisitive and watchful, and will get along fairly well with strangers and other strangers. Some males may be dog aggressive, but in general they get along well with other dogs. This breed wants companionship and will not do well without it.


The French Bulldog is an average shedding dog that will not require a lot of grooming. This breed can be brushed with a rubber brush to remove and loose and dead hair. Seeing that these dogs have a flat muzzle, the French Bulldog is inclined to drool - therefore their mouths should be cleaned often. The French Bulldog should only be bathed when it is really required.


French Bulldogs can be obstinate, and not easy to train. It is important for the trainer to be patient and dominant in training sessions. This breed struggles to adhere to given tasks, and is also easily distracted. Puppy classes are recommended for this breed, and it is also a good way to socialise. Although this is a well-built little breed, they will not respond positively toward rough training methods. This dog will do best with a patient trainer, and will go a long way when the correct training methods are used.

Health Problems

A few known health issues of the French Bulldog include an elongated soft palate, premature disc degeneration, difficult whelping and allergies. Some common health problems in these dogs are also eye problems and respiratory difficulties. In some French Bulldogs their nostrils can be widened for better breathing.

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