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What kind of payments do you accept? 

I accept cash, paypal and USPS postal orders.  All payments are non-refundable.

Do you accept deposits?

Yes, I do accept and encourage deposits.  Deposits vary from $350 to $600 depending on the price of the Frenchie.  A deposit ensures that your Frenchie will not be sold to anyone else.  All payments are non-refundable for any reason.  The remaining balance will need to be paid before delivery of your Frenchie.  If you are having your Frenchie shipped to your location, full payment is required before the departure date or the same day your puppy's flight confirmation is emailed to you, whichever comes first.  If you live in the Portland metro area/Vancouver, I will have your Frenchie shipped to me once the deposit is received.  


When do you offer FREE DELIVERY?

I offer free delivery if you live within 150 miles of the Portland/Vancouver area. 


Is there tax added to my puppies price?
I am located in Beautiful Portland, Oregon.  The land of NO TAX!

Where are you located and can I come visit the puppies?

FindMyFrenchie is located in Portland, Oregon.  I am not a facility or pet store.  I provide an arena where customers, like yourself, can be matched with the perfect Frenchie.  I have located the most respected breeders throughout the United States that raise healthy and loving puppies.  The breeders I work with would like to devote their time in raising their Frenchies and have us focus on finding direct homes for them.  All of my Frenchies are raised in the breeders’ home and are given lots of love and care!  When your puppy is ready for it’s new home he/she will be flown directly to you at your local airport or if you live locally, I will have your Frenchie available to meet once full payment is received.


Is it safe to ship and what is involved?
Yes! The shipping of puppies is considered "priority" with special handling and regulations for pets.  That means that the USDA monitors the transportation of pets with numerous guidelines and requirements in order to ensure puppy's safety, health, and well-being.  All puppies have to be issued a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian.  A health certificate shows that the puppy being flown has been examined and is healthy to fly.  The puppies are transported in a climate-controlled area of the plane and are provided with soft and absorbent bedding inside their crate to make your pet's journey as comfortable as possible.

Where are the puppies flown to and how much does it cost?

Our Frenchies are flown to most major airports and some smaller airports throughout the United States.  The cost to fly one of my puppies is included in the price listed on my website, which includes a crate for crate training, vet exam, health certificate and flight.  There are occasions where the cost will go up depending on where we are flying your puppy.  I won't know whether or not there is an extra charge until I attempt to book your Frenchie's flight.  This will NOT be a hidden charge.  I will communicate any additional charge BEFORE you agree to purchase your Frenchie from me.

If I buy two puppies am I charged shipping for each puppy?

Depending on the breeder, there may only be one shipping charge if you buy two puppies.

How long does it take to receive my puppy?

The airlines will not fly any puppy younger than 8 weeks old.  It is also in the best interest of the puppy to wait until they are 8 weeks before they go to their new home.  This gives the breeder enough time to prepare the puppy to be on it’s own.  As soon as we receive payment, we will book your puppy on the soonest flight available.  If you live in the Portland metro area and the puppy is at my home, it's a matter of setting up a time to meet.

What's your return, refund and cancellation policy?

I have a NO REFUND, RETURN and/or CANCELLATION Policy.  Once a puppy is marked sold I immediately remove him/her off my website. 

If for some reason you decide you don't want the puppy any longer, I have lost valuable time to sell the puppy to any new potential customers. 

I also have the potential expense of flight bookings, vet fees and advertising costs.  These are the reasons we have a NO REFUND, RETURN and/or CANCELLATION Policy.

What's included?

The breeders I work with will NEVER allow a puppy to leave their home if they have doubts about his/her health.  This is also bad business for me as a bridge to the puppies new Owners - YOU!  Each puppy will be given their first puppy shots and be checked by the breeder's vet prior to leaving.  It is necessary to be extremely prudent in protecting a puppy until the full series of puppy shots have been given.  Normally there are 3 to 4 shots given every 2-3 weeks in hopes of catching it’s immunity system when it is receptive.  Each puppy will be up to date with vaccinations & deworming, vet checked, microchipped (if advertised) and registration papers (if advertised).  I like to offer Frenchies that are AKC Registered to ensure your new family addition is a quality Frenchie.  I will also email/mail you a Puppy Packet that includes your puppy's immunization history, the type of food he/she has been eating, etc.

Do I have to qualify in order to purchase one of your Frenchies?

I do reserve the right to not sell to any individual(s) who I believe for any reason will not provide a safe and secure home for the Frenchies I am offering.  It is my main goal and desire to place my Frenchies in homes that will provide them with lots of love and care for their entire life.


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